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    We offer rapid delivery for multi-product, small-lot production.

    As a dedicated manufacturer of seamless stainless-steel tubes, TSK offers a wide selection of tube models. Our made-to-order production system can adapt flexibly for customers requiring rapid delivery. We also accept small-lot orders. TSK can deliver made-to-order products in the quantities you need. Please consult with us for details.

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    Delivering products fine-tuned to meet customer needs

    We can respond to diverse customer needs by leveraging our techniques for pickling, bright-annealing and rolling. From high-end to more reasonably priced items, we propose products that suit each customer’s requirements, such as dimensional accuracy and surface roughness.

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  • 03 Strengths

    Assuring Quality

    TSK’s production methods and quality-control systems are certified both in Japan and overseas. TSK’s technologies satisfy the exacting standards of leading-edge industries, with products such as special tubes for nuclear power plants and parts for rockets made in Japan. These powerful technologies and the rigorous testing that backs them confirm and assure the highest levels of quality.

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