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Tokyo Seimitsu Kan Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) strictly complies with all laws and regulations related to personal information. We take every precaution to protect your valuable personal information.

  • Collection of Personal

    The Company may collect personal information in the following case, within the scope necessary:
    • At the time of your inquiry with the Company

  • How We Use Your Personal

    The Company uses the personal information collected from you for the following purposes:
    • To Contact you
    • To respond to inquiries from you
    • To provide you with services

  • Management of Personal

    The Company stringently manages the personal information it collects from you, to prevent unlawful access to, leaking or loss of, or other misuse of said personal information.

  • Provision of Personal
    Information to Third Parties

    The Company never discloses or provides personal information acquired from you to any third party, except with your explicit prior consent or when such disclosure is requested by law.

  • Disclosure, Correction, Etc.
    of Personal Information

    If you request disclosure, correction, deletion or other similar actions regarding your own personal information, the Company will comply reliably with such requests.

Inquiries regarding protection of personal information

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