TSK opens a path to the future with technological
and development expertise in precision steel tubes.

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As a world-leading manufacturer of precision steel tubes, Tokyo Seimitsu Kan Co., Ltd. (TSK) plays a vital role in a wide range of industries. We develop products to meet the exacting specifications of leading-edge industries, from specialized tubes for nuclear power plants to rocket parts. Constantly pursuing the world’s top levels of technology, TSK has grown by serving the advanced needs of the modern age.
Leveraging this wealth of technological capability, TSK tailors product specifications to the needs of each industry and customer, from high-end to reasonably priced. Our advanced production systems combine various processes with consummate balance. This approach not only enables TSK to manufacture products to the world’s highest standards but also provides the flexibility to satisfy a full spectrum of specifications. These combined technologies can be repurposed to fine-tune roughness of inner and outer surfaces and hardness, for example, or to create large-diameter, thin-walled tubes, providing products optimized to customer needs.

The Strengths of TSK


At TSK, we offer products according to each customer’s requirements, through a fully made-to-order production system. Through a combination of rolling and drawing processes, TSK responds to a wide range of requirements, including dimensional accuracy, inner and outer surface roughness, hardness and shape. TSK is pleased to offer small-lot, multi-product production.

AP tubes

Pickled-surface products

The surface features a platinum-colored pickled finish. These products are used in a diverse array of fields, including chemicals, petroleum, offshore plants, electrical appliances, and aircraft.

BA tubes

Mirror-surface products

Smooth, light-reflecting surface Resistant to contamination and fluid buildup, these products are used in tubes for semiconductor-fabrication equipment, foodstuff-related applications, medical equipment, nuclear-power generation, and many other applications.

EP tubes

Internal-electropolished products

Ultra-smooth mirror surface These smooth, corrosion-resistant surfaces are free of the roughness that can cause pollution and propagation of microbes. They are used in products such as high-purity gas tubes, biotech-related equipment, and fine chemical-related equipment.

CR tubes

Cold-reduced products

Thin-walled, mirror-surfaced tubes with smooth, light-reflecting surfaces
TSK excels in manufacturing products with greater dimensional accuracy and thinner walls than is possible using drawing machines, as well as products made of special metals such as titanium. These products are used to make rockets and other cylinders and internal components requiring exceptional strength.

Deformed tubes


TSK produces a wide range of deformed tubes, including polygonal tubes, clad tubes (double tubes), and composite tubes (multiple combined tubes with partition-divided interiors). We offer varied options for deformed tubes in terms of size, shape, and combinations of steel grade.

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